A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Three scenes and three choices:

1. Shooting. Are you a good shooter or not?

2. Saloon. Are you conflict or shy?

3. Train. Will you survive?

8 different ways to complete the game, easter eggs and a bit of humour.


SHOTA-SHOTA - shooting

BANGA - bottle

DEUKA - girl

STOPE - stop

ZOOM ZOOM - energy drink from GTA2

TERIYAKI - DJ's name from GTA2

ALL I WANNA DO - part of song "Davisodson - All I Want To Do"

GOLDIELO - jewelry

Anything else that is not understandable - nothing! :)

Art made with MagicaVoxel, some sounds by freesound.org, some music by freemusicarchive.org (Teddy and Marge - Dark Eyes, The Red Thread - After The Last).

Made for Mystic Western Game Jam 2016.


luminous_cactus_osx.zip 31 MB
luminous_cactus_win.zip 27 MB

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