A simple minimalist tile-based landscape builder.

[R] — rotate the tile
[Left Mouse]
— place the tile
[Right Mouse] — move the camera
[Backspace] — clear the scene

It's a game jam entry for MadeWithDefold Jam 2023.

Art created during the jam with pallete Fantasy 24.

Music and sounds used from my another game Cat’s Day.

Published 19 days ago
Made withDefold
Tags2D, City Builder, defold, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Tilemap, Top-Down


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I really like this a lot. One of the things I've wished Defold improved was its tile editor, and the idea of an auto-tiler seems perfect for projects on it. Are you planning on using this for more than a mechanic in a single game? I think this could be an excellent reusable tool. 

Thank you! I definitely plan to make a game with this algorithm, and the best solution would be to separate the auto-tiling module into an independent library. I think it’s possble, but I still think that need to make the game itself first :D

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Very good game

Thank you! I hope to make a more game out of this.

It's a good one, well done!

Thanks, glad to hear it!

what a nice tile creator

Yeap, that’s all the game loop at the moment :) But I think it can be extended in the future. Thanks!


That’s nice to read!

Love this, it's very satisfying and relaxing

Thank you! Of course, at first there were huge plans about living villages, but closer to the end of the week I decided it was better to finish something small but with nice feeling.